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Infrastructure & Facilities

Packaging & Shipment

The handling of the final product is done under controlled conditions. After QC & QA the final product is packed in PP / HDPE bags / fibers drums and stored on the factory.This ensures the safety of the product during transportation.

Supplies to customers are made in various capacities - 25 Kg / 50 Kg / 500 kgs of PP bags / 50 / 250 kgs fibre drums, as per the requirement of customers.

FCL Shipments are palletised and shrink wrapped at the factory itself. We have been exporting our products to over 20 Countries. The shipment logistics are co-ordinated by a well experienced team from the Bombay office.

Contract Manufacturing

We offer a wide variety of services for manufacturing custom made products. Our diverse experience in carrying out multi staged reactions under controlled parameters, synthesis, blending, crystallization, filtering and other related processes helps customers in fine tuning their requirements.

Our unique and integrated manufacturing capabilities facilitate a strong program of made-to-order items. Since we manufacture many of our own starting materials, we maintain total control over every production process.

This enables us to make adjustments to materials and processing techniques at whatever point necessary to match the exact requirements of our customers' specifications.

In many cases, what start out as experimental adjustments in sophisticated production techniques, are subsequently incorporated into our own manufacturing processes. This is one of many reasons we remain on the cutting edge of chemical manufacturing technology, continually meeting the changing demands of our customers.

Spacious, well equipped and maintained facilities are available for producing fine chemicals, intermediates or finished products.

If you require immediate and unique business solution, process scale-up, or an extension of your manufacturing line, AVA Chemicals is ready to discuss your custom chemical projects and to work with you to develop a mutually beneficial business relationship. Contact us or write to "The Head Business Development" to find an appropriate solution that meets your needs.

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